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Murder and Cocktails: A Shaken, Not Stirred, Mystery

Raise your glasses for “Murder and Cocktails,” a 2024 murder mystery film that’s as intoxicating as its title. Directed by Henry Barrial and written by Ron Jackson, the film is a refreshing blend of dark humor, suspense, and unexpected twists. Produced by 905 Productions, it premiered on January 23, 2024, captivating audiences with its unique take on the classic whodunit.


  • Jason Bernardo as Nick Miller, a struggling writer with a penchant for amateur detective work.
  • Jessicah Neufeld as Lana Miller, Nick’s witty and resourceful wife.
  • Colleen O’Shaughnessey as Detective William, the jaded cop assigned to the case.
  • Ricardo Molina as Roberto Diaz, the flamboyant and suspicious building manager.
  • Lucy Boryer as Ms. Henderson, the enigmatic and observant elderly neighbor.


Nick and Lana’s quiet life in a swanky Manhattan apartment building takes a dramatic turn when their neighbor is found murdered. Undeterred by police indifference and Nick’s amateur sleuthing skills, Lana hatches a daring plan: host a series of elaborate cocktail parties, inviting each resident as a potential suspect. Under the guise of friendly socializing, Nick and Lana aim to observe their guests, analyze their alibis, and uncover the killer amidst the clinking of ice and the buzz of conversation.

As the body count rises and secrets bubble to the surface, Nick and Lana find themselves entwined in a web of hidden agendas, long-held grudges, and deadly motives. With Detective William growing increasingly suspicious of their unconventional investigation, the couple must race against time to expose the truth, clear their names, and ensure justice is served before the final curtain falls on their high-stakes game of charades.

Where and How to Watch Murder and Cocktails

“Murder and Cocktails” is currently available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video. You can also check your local cable or satellite provider for on-demand availability.

Box Office Performance, Reception, Sequel, Awards, and Legacy

While “Murder and Cocktails” wasn’t a box office juggernaut, it garnered critical acclaim for its witty dialogue, charming performances, and clever plot twists. Audiences praised the film’s balance of humor and suspense, with many calling it a “delightful surprise” and a “refreshing take on the genre.” Currently, there’s no word on a sequel, but the film’s open-ended finale and satisfyingly complex mystery leave room for further exploration.

 Murder and Cocktails Movie Review

Scene from Murder and Cocktails
Scene from Murder and Cocktails

“Murder and Cocktails” is a delightful concoction of humor, suspense, and sharp social commentary. Bernardo and Neufeld have undeniable chemistry as the film’s sleuthing duo, their playful banter and quick wit providing welcome levity amidst the unfolding murder mystery. The supporting cast delivers equally captivating performances, each character harboring their own secrets and contributing to the film’s air of intrigue.

Barrial’s direction is slick and stylish, with the film’s lavish apartment setting becoming a character in itself. The cocktail parties are particularly well-orchestrated, serving as both social gatherings and clever plot devices. As the tension mounts, Barrial expertly juggles humor and suspense, keeping the audience guessing until the very last shocking twist.

While some may find the film’s reliance on slapstick humor and quirky characters a bit jarring, it’s precisely this offbeat charm that makes “Murder and Cocktails” so endearing. The film doesn’t take itself too seriously, instead opting for a playful and entertaining approach to the murder mystery genre. Underneath the laughter, however, lies a surprisingly sharp commentary on societal flaws, human relationships, and the facades we wear in public.

Ultimately, “Murder and Cocktails” is a film that leaves you wanting more. It’s a fun, fast-paced ride that’s equal parts funny, thrilling, and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for a murder mystery with a twist, this is one film you won’t want to miss.

Murder and Cocktails Ending Explained

The final act of “Murder and Cocktails” throws a curveball, unveiling the seemingly harmless Ms. Henderson as the cunning and calculating puppet master behind the murders. Driven by a warped sense of righteousness and a thirst for vengeance, she concocts a chilling scheme to punish those she perceives as wicked. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Motive: Ms. Henderson harbors a deep resentment towards the building’s residents, believing they embody the hypocrisy and immorality of modern society. Each victim, from the gossipmonger to the greedy investor, represents a different sin in her eyes.
  • Manipulation: Ms. Henderson masterfully manipulates events, planting clues and subtly influencing the behavior of others. She exploits preexisting tensions and personal conflicts within the building, effectively framing innocent suspects and steering suspicion away from herself.
  • Final Act: As the investigation reaches its climax, Ms. Henderson orchestrates a final confrontation, trapping Nick and Lana in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Her plan seemingly unravels as clues fall into place, revealing her dark secrets and exposing her twisted agenda.
  • Resolution: Justice ultimately prevails, with Ms. Henderson apprehended for her crimes. However, the film’s resolution comes with a bittersweet sting. Lives have been lost, innocence shattered, and the veneer of normalcy within the building forever cracked.

The ending of “Murder and Cocktails” leaves a lasting impression. It challenges viewers to consider the hidden complexities and dark undercurrents that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly peaceful communities. It underscores the dangers of judging individuals based on appearances and the fragility of our trust in each other. Ultimately, the film serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that even the most unassuming among us can harbor unimaginable secrets and motives.

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