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Sunrise (2024): A Chilling Tale of Redemption Under the Blood-Red Dawn

Sunrise is a 2024 horror film that has captivated audiences with its blend of gothic suspense, moral ambiguity, and the ever-present threat of violence. Directed by Andrew Baird and written by Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Ronan Blaney, the film premiered on January 19, 2024, to both critical acclaim and audience chills.

Produced by Lionsgate and penned by the talented Blaney, Sunrise is a chilling neo-vampire film with a touch of humanity. The film received praise for its stunning visuals, compelling performances, and thought-provoking exploration of redemption and vengeance.


  • Alex Pettyfer as Fallon, a tormented vampire seeking vengeance.
  • Crystal Yu as Yan Loi, a kind immigrant caught in Fallon’s path.
  • William Gao as Edward Loi, Yan’s son and a victim of circumstance.
  • Guy Pearce as Reynolds, the ruthless demagogue responsible for Fallon’s tragedy.
  • Olwen Fouéré as Ma Reynolds, Reynolds’ equally menacing mother.
  • Kurt Yaeger as Gillespie, a grizzled detective on Fallon’s trail.


Fallon, a creature of the night, returns to the scene of a horrific crime that shattered his life. Seeking revenge against the brutal demagogue Reynolds, Fallon becomes entangled with the Loi family, immigrants struggling to build a new life in the shadow of violence. As Fallon wrestles with his thirst for blood and his newfound human connection, he faces a pivotal choice: consume his vengeance or embrace redemption.

Where and How to Watch Sunrise

Sunrise is currently streaming on VOD platforms like Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. The film is also available for rental or purchase on digital storefronts like Google Play and YouTube.

Box Office Performance, Reception, Sequel (if any), Awards (if any), and Legacy

Sunrise performed modestly at the box office, but its critical reception has been largely positive. Critics lauded the film’s atmospheric direction, strong performances, and exploration of complex themes. While there is no sequel currently in development, the film’s open-ended conclusion leaves room for further exploration of Fallon’s journey.

Sunrise Movie Review 

Scene from Sunrise
Scene from Sunrise

Sunrise is not your typical vampire film. Instead of romanticized fangs and brooding seduction, the film delves into the darker aspects of vampirism, presenting Fallon as a creature consumed by rage and grief. Pettyfer delivers a raw and emotional performance, capturing the tormented soul beneath the monstrous exterior. The supporting cast also shines, with Yu and Gao bringing warmth and vulnerability to the Loi family.

But Sunrise is more than just a creature feature. It’s a meditation on the cycle of violence and the possibility of redemption. As Fallon interacts with the Lo family, he begins to question his bloodthirsty nature and contemplate a different path. This internal conflict is beautifully layered with stunning visuals and a haunting score, creating a captivating cinematic experience.

The film’s ending is ambiguous, leaving viewers to grapple with the consequences of Fallon’s choices. Does he succumb to his thirst for vengeance, or does he find solace in redemption? This open-ended conclusion adds to the film’s impact, prompting reflection and discussion long after the credits roll.

Sunrise Ending Explained 

The ending of Sunrise is deliberately ambiguous, leaving viewers to interpret Fallon’s final actions. In the climax, Fallon faces off against Reynolds, fueled by years of simmering rage. He has the opportunity to exact his revenge, fulfilling the blood oath he made after his family’s death. However, as he holds Reynolds at his mercy, Fallon hesitates. The Lo family’s kindness and Edward’s innocent face flash before him, stirring a flicker of hope within his vengeful heart.

In the end, Fallon chooses a different path. He lets Reynolds go, opting for mercy instead of revenge. This act of defiance marks a turning point for Fallon, suggesting that he might finally break free from the cycle of violence that has consumed him for so long. However, the film does not explicitly state whether Fallon has truly turned away from his vampiric nature. The final scene shows him watching the sunrise, a symbol of potential rebirth and new beginnings. Whether this new dawn represents true redemption or simply a reprieve remains open to interpretation.

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